Libel | Slander

Comments, or other types of "expression" made about another party are considered "defamatory" if they are untrue and:

- tend to lower a party's reputation in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally;
- expose a party to hatred, contempt or ridicule; or
- would cause a party to be shunned or avoided.

Verbal defamation is called "slander" and written defamation is "libel".

Such expression may have been posted on the Internet, broadcasted on television / radio, or published in a newspaper. That said, it need only have been communicated to a single other person, verbally, in writing, or by some other means, to be potentially defamatory.

It is important to note that under some circumstances there are tight time-limitations for taking legal action for alleged defamation. Someone who believes he or she may have been defamed and wishes to review options available at law is advised to move swiftly.

The legal team at Double Diamond Law has experience acting for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in defamation actions. If you believe you may have been defamed, or someone is bringing allegations of defamation against you, we invite you to contact Corey Steinberg of our office, for an opinion.