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Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal is a complex concept.  Simply put, it is a wrongful dismissal that occurs without the employment contract being overtly terminated.  It occurs when the employment contract has been breached in a significant way as a result of a change in the employment relationship.  The most common example is when an employee is demoted.  In some circumstances, the employment environment has become so unbearable due to conditions put in place by the empoyer that the Courts have decided that the employee was constructively dismissed.

There are no exact definitions of what does or does not constitute a constructive dismissal as each case depends upon its own circumstances.  As well, and most importantly, a constructive dismissal does not automatically entitle the employee to stop working.  These are complicated situations which should only be handled with the benefit of legal advice.  If you think you have been constructively dismissed, consult a lawyer before acting.


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