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Commencing the Employment Relationship

For the Employer:
Our service starts at the beginning stages of the employment relationship, drafting individualized and broad-based employment contracts, including confidentiality, non-competition, and severance agreements.  Remember, it is much more challenging to enforce provisions of an employment contract if it is signed after the employee has commenced working.  So, do not delay this process.  If certain terms are not dealt with explicitly, employers may find themselves relying on the Courts to settle any disputes.  We encourage being pro-active so that the company can better predict the outcome of any dispute or disagreement, and to avoid costly litigation down the road.

The Employment Standards Act sets minimum standards for compensation and conditions of employment in the Province.  These standards must be adhered to and so human resources staff should be very familiar with the requirements of this legislation.  If the employer does not have such a staff person, then we recommend consulting with a lawyer to ensure that the Employment Standards Act is being followed.  Failure to do so may invalidate parts of the employment contract and may result in a complaint to the Employment Standards Branch.

For the Employee:
A contract is meant to be a mutually acceptable arrangement.  As an employee, you should consider your options carefully before signing any employment agreement.  We want you to make sure that you understand what you are agreeing to, so that you do not have regrets when things do not progress as originally hoped.


Why Choose Double Diamond Law

Experience – We have experience handling claims involving a wide variety of injuries and, with a Masters in Biomechanics, Greg Diamond has an in depth understanding of the physiology of injuries.  If you are injured in an accident, we will ensure that your rights are protected and you receive all the benefits you deserve.  Our focus is on helping you recover from your injuries and be compensated fully for pain and suffering, costs related to your car, medical care, psychological suffering, lost income and other losses and expenses.   

Services Tailored to You - We take the time to understand all the details of your case and treat you with utmost dignity, respect and empathy during the difficult time after an accident.  We welcome all of your questions.  We will give you valuable, tailored advice to help you preserve evidence, obtain appropriate care, protect your rights and facilitate your recovery.

Fees Only If You Collect - We offer free initial consultations on all personal injury claims. We also offer contingency fee agreements for most cases so that no fee is charged for our services until after your case is resolved and only if you collect an award for damages and compensation.