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Drug Offences

There are several criminal offences arising from the possession or trafficking of drugs and controlled substances.  Charges can range from simple possession, to possession for the purpose of trafficking to trafficking in a particular drug.

The seriousness of the offence is determined by factors such as the quantity of the prohibited substance involved and the type of drug involved.  For example, possession of marijuana is generally considered to be less serious than offences involving drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

What You Should Do

The outcomes of a large percentage of these cases revolve around the legality of the search in which the substance(s) was(were) discovered.  Even if the substance is an illegal one, the prosecution may not be able to use the evidence due to a breach of your rights.  Thus, always talk to a lawyer before engaging in any discussion with the police regarding a drug offence.  If the police indicate that they are searching you, your vehicle, or your premises pursuant to a warrant, ask to see the warrant to verify that the area searched is the place described in the warrant.  If in doubt, ask to speak to a lawyer.


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